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Experience, Knowledge, Persistence & Professionalism

The four key ingredients for success, when you are choosing a Commercial Real Estate Broker, are experience, knowledge, persistence, and professionalism. Blackwood Real Estate, Inc. and Blackwood Management, Inc. have the key ingredients to ensure your success.


Experience is invaluable in tackling the complicated nature of today’s commercial real estate market. Whether you need marketing, management development consulting or site acquisitions, our Team of dedicated professionals has the depth of experience that it takes to get the job done right the first time.


Local market knowledge and a network of ties to the players that make up that market are the main ingredients that you are looking for in choosing a brokerage firm to represent you. From in-depth market studies to specific research for a given project, we know our market.


Anyone who has been in business for any length of time knows that not all projects go smoothly. Brokers, in general, are known to cut and run, when the time invested does not match the revenue anticipated to be earned. Long-term relationships earned through repeat business are the hallmark of a good broker’s success. When we undertake a project we will finish it, even if it is not in our economic interest. Our persistence on behalf of clients, regardless of the economic climate, has resulted in a remarkable number of repeat customers.


Handling clients and prospects in a fair, balanced, and consistent manner is the essence of professionalism. We will give you straight answers to questions and provide common sense solutions for your particular needs, even if it means telling you what you do not want to hear.

We want your business and will earn your respect. Please contact us today, so that we can discuss your particular needs.