Residential Association Management

Blackwood Management, Inc. is a professional property management firm serving the greater Fredericksburg area, who is committed to providing experienced, responsive, and effective management for all types of residential associations, such as single family homes, townhouses, and condominium associations.

With decades of experience in residential and commercial development, Blackwood Management, Inc. counsels newly formed associations and assists developers of associations in the creation of the foundational documents, resulting in the smooth functioning of the new association.

Blackwood Management, Inc. excels in taking over troubled residential associations, identifying the various problems and creating effective solutions that put them on a solid footing. Whether your association is having financial, homeowner compliance and/or management issues, our Team can assist you with providing effective solutions for your critical management needs. Our experience in turning around associations has resulted in hundreds of satisfied customers, as well as bringing liquidity to tens of millions of dollars worth of real estate. Please, share your critical needs with us, and let us show you what we can do for your association.

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